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Amazing Chinese Restaurants 中国餐馆

Amazing Chinese Restaurants 中国餐馆 - EP1


提供: Channel 8 发布: 26/06/2020 声道: Chinese

Voiced by star narrator Wu Gang, "Amazing Chinese Restaurant" is the first documentary focusing on Chinese restaurants all around the world. It tells stories about overseas Chinese people's daily lives and restaurant owners, chefs and clients of 10 Chinese restaurants. Searching for a taste of Chinese food all over the world, experiencing different lives, where there are Chinese people, Chinese restaurants can be found. 由明星讲述人吴刚配音,《中国餐馆》是首部聚焦海外中餐厅的人文美食纪录片。10家位于世界各地的中餐厅聚焦海外华人的饮食生活,讲述餐厅老板、主厨、食客的美食故事。寻遍及世界的中国味道,体会四海一家的人生百味,有华人的地方就有中国餐馆。

Amazing Chinese Restaurants 中国餐馆
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