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After Love

After Love - EP10


提供: meWATCH 发布: 27/06/2019 声道: English

Everything’s a complete mess and Skylar needs to fix it. But she needs to admit the truth first. When she tells Ryan about her oversight, Ryan smiles. He has always known the real reason. Which is why he feels that only she can heal his brother. Skylar takes responsibility for the first time and resigns her job. She admits her mistake to the taxi driver’s wife and seeks forgiveness. But that’s only half the battle. Now, she needs to admit the truth to Derek and seek his forgiveness so that he can escape his misery. She also needs to make the painful decision that Ryan can never be part of her realm. She needs to accept that Ryan came in her life to nudge her towards a life and love that she deserves. Skylar meets Derek with a pounding heart. Will he accept her apology ? Will they accept their true feelings for one another ?

After Love
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