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A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味 - EP7

Valentine’s Day & Qixi Festival

提供: Channel 8 发布: 12/02/2020 声道: Chinese

Valentine's Day is a sweet and romantic day. Besides experts and chefs to share about the traditions and festive food of the Qixi Festival, a pastry chef is also invited to demonstrate making chocolates as Valentine's Day gifts. Chef Enoch demonstrates two Valentine's Day dishes made with sea bass. 情人节,一个甜蜜与浪漫的日子。主持人不只找来专家和厨师分享东方情人节,也就是七夕节的饮食风俗之外,还请来甜品师教导西方情人节送礼佳品巧克力的做法。厨师张正义也会示范两道以金目鲈为主食材的情人节佳肴!

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味
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