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A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味 - EP3


提供: Channel 8 发布: 15/01/2020 声道: Chinese

This episode, host introduces the characteristics of Cantonese & Peranakan CNY dishes, learns to make Roasted Chicken Stuffed with Prawns and Chef Benson demos on cooking Pork Knuckles with Red Fermented Bean Curd. Cooking methods of Nonya CNY dishes - Ayam Buah Keluak & Itek Sioh are also featured. 在这一集节目里,主持人将介绍广东和土生华人的年菜特色,例如功夫菜金龙百花鸡的做法,也请来厨师唐本陞示范烹煮南乳猪手。土生华人的年菜极富辛香酸辣的特色,节目将分享娘惹年菜如黑果焖鸡和酸甜卤鸭的烹调方法。

A Taste of Festival 节庆。风味
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