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18th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore

18th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore - EP6

Eat, Pray, Bird

提供: meWATCH 发布: 31/08/2016 声道: English

In a test for enlightenment, an apprentice monk is tasked to endure 7 grueling days without food or rest in a scheduled bamboo forest amongst the mountain peaks. The monk came fully prepared to cheat, but just as he overcomes his conscience, his plan is foiled by a hungry bird. In the delicate balance between the master's watchful gaze and the feathered annoyance, the monk finds enlightenment in the most unexpected way. - Creators: Teo Jia Ming, Jeremy, Huang Ji & Fun Wei Kiat, Derrick

18th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore
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