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18th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore

18th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore - EP2

A Little Too Much

提供: meWATCH 发布: 31/08/2016 声道: English

Our animation focuses on the idea of respecting other people's personal space. In modern society it has become prevalent that individual are apathetic to each other. This is the reason why we want to address this issue. The story is about a girl called Cass, who owns a café. One day, her favourite cookbook writer, Rosalind, happens to come into her humble shop. Cass, flustered, overdoes her service since she is really excited and wants to impress her idol. However, Rosalind grows more annoyed and bothered with each time Cass pesters her. - Creators: Elizabeth Anastasia Sudarman & Joceline Natasha Hyaning

18th Digicon6 ASIA Singapore
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