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118 - EP252


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Ke’ai tells Jinzhi that love knows no boundaries and she should trust Zhihao’s love for her. Jinzhi remains unconvinced. Meiyou saves Jinzhi from being scalded by hot soup. The violent shove causes her recall to the past. She finally realises why Meimei objects to her acknowledging Meiyou as her father. Hua-jie calls to tell Meiyou that Granny Egg’s condition has deteriorated and that she hopes to see Jinzhi one last time. Meiyou begs Jinzhi to visit Granny Egg but to no avail. Meimei offers to go with Jinzhi, and Granny Egg’s last wish is fulfilled. One month passes. Shunfeng is training hard for a marathon when Meizhen calls to invite him to dinner. Uncle Chen has undergone surgery as Shunfeng suggested and has recovered. He and Meizhen want to thank Shunfeng. Liang and Shanshan persevere in the competition and get through to the semi-finals. While watching a movie with Xiaobao, Jinzhi is reminded of Zhihao.

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