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118 - EP251


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Meimei asks Daming whether he is handing the coffeeshop over to Shunshui and Shunfeng. He reasons that his sons are serious this time around, but wants to ascertain that the brothers are sincere about working together as a team. Zhenhui takes Tiancheng to watch a celebrity chef making spaghetti. When Tiancheng criticises the chef’s work, Zhenhui pulls out a picture of a plate of awful-looking spaghetti, which Tiancheng had once prepared. Zhenhui then tips him off about the surprise test Jiejie has set. If Tiancheng passes, she intends to let him run a spaghetti stall. Zhenhui stops a guy from kissing Yuye and is embarrassed when he finds out Yuye is just filming a show. Zhigao shows Jinzhi the coloured band Carrie has made for him. What he says reminds her of Zhihao. Zhihao calls 118 and tells everyone he is leaving for America. Jinzhi is indifferent to the news.

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