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118 - EP250


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Meimei is sad when she bids Liang and Shanshan goodbye at the airport. Shunshui hands his business proposal for 118 to Daming and asserts that he is serious about boosting the family business. Yuye learns Sam Png’s movie has won an overseas award and the artiste who played the granddaughter has shot to fame. She regrets turning down the role because she was too materialistic. However, she insists that being practical is the correct way, and tries to persuade Jinzhi to return to Zhihao. Jinzhi finally remembers Zhihao and how Huang Mei had offered her $10 million to leave him. Carol tells Zhihao everything, and he comes to understand why, subconsciously, Jinzhi does not want to be with him. Xiaobao saves Zhihao from an attack. Zhihao urges him to treat Jinzhi well; he feels he is no longer qualified to be with her.

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