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118 - EP244


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Xiaobao finally admits he likes Jinzhi and has hopes of developing a relationship with her. He gets so worked up that he embraces her. Zhihao witnesses the scene and observes that Jinzhi did not reject Xiaobao’s embrace. Zhihao tells Jinzhi that if he has become a source of stress for her, she should be frank with him. Shunshui apologises to Meimei and asks Daming to take a video of him doing so, to prove to Ke’ai he is a man of his word. Meimei tells him off for apologising for the sake of his girlfriend, and refuses when he asks her to apologise to Ke’ai as well. Daming tries to mediate. Shunfeng takes Uncle Chen to the clinic. While reading the newspaper, he notices an ad for a marathon and decides to sign up. He panics when Uncle Chen sneaks out without seeing the doctor and cannot be found. Meimei tells Jinzhi off for running away from Huang Mei, who will be her mother-in-law. Jinzhi announces that she does not want to marry Zhihao.

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