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118 - EP242


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Daming cautions Meimei not to interfere with the love lives of their children or risk losing them for good. Meimei tells Jinzhi she had a good friend who became the mistress of a rich man because her family was poor. She later married her boyfriend, who did not seem to mind her past. However, whenever the couple quarrelled, the husband would bring up the past. In the end, the woman killed herself. Meimei is afraid Shunshui will be similarly resentful if he insists on being with Ke’ai. Meiyou misses Jinzhi and tries to sneak a peek at her. Concerned Daming and the others might chase him away, however, he changes his mind. He and Hua-jie return to his home for dinner. They find that Granny Egg has slipped and fallen in the toilet. Liang stays up late to complete his designs. Though tired, Shanshan insists on staying up with him. He is moved and makes a futile attempt to kiss her. Shunshui makes plans to move into a shoebox apartment with Ke’ai, but she insists on breaking up.

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