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118 - EP241


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Eric takes Ke’ai to a deserted place. When three strangers appear, he denies he is responsible. In truth, he is out to teach her a lesson. Luckily, Peter has tipped Shunshui off. Arriving just in time to intervene, Shunshui, Zhihao, Zhenhui and Jinzhi are able to save Ke’ai. Eric is taken to the police station. Meimei is anxiously waiting for Shunshui and the others to return when she notices Tiancheng glaring at her. He is upset she looks down on Ke’ai and objects to her relationship with Shunshui. He sneers at Meimei for her attitude when she had married Daming after getting pregnant with Meiyou’s baby. Infuriated, she rants that a shameless woman like Ke’ai is not good enough for her son. Ke’ai overhears but pretends not to mind, and advises Shunshui not to argue with his mother. Though she puts up a strong front, she breaks down when alone. Zhihao consoles Jinzhi and assures her everything will go well for Shunshui and Ke’ai someday. Meimei is fully aware that Daming is angry with her.

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