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118 - EP239


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Shunshui tries in vain to find Peter, who had conned him into signing the transfer papers when he was drunk. The mastermind of the scam is Eric. Shunshui and Yuye stop Ke’ai from confronting Eric. Xiaobao rushes to Jinzhi’s aid after hearing her scream and sees Zhihao hugging her. Zhihao explains that he had merely wanted to stop her from slipping on soap. Meimei and Daming are unable to persuade Zhihao to return to work. Meizhen takes Uncle Chen to Chinatown. She sees Shunfeng jogging and promises to give him a treat. Zhihao convinces Meimei to let Jinzhi sell wanton noodles for two hours a day. Liang sees Shanshan eating durians and comes up with a series of designs with a durian theme. Meimei senses something amiss with Shunshui and is worried that he got into trouble because of Ke’ai. Daming trusts that Ke’ai is a kind girl, but Meimei thinks otherwise because of her past.

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