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118 - EP235


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Jinzhi admits to Xiaobao that Zhihao makes her nervous and self-conscious. He assures her that Zhihao will not look down on her. Jinzhi asks Xiaobao whether he is getting married, as Jingui has been telling everyone about the impeding wedding. He denies this and reveals he is afraid of Meizhen. In character, Meizhen is completely different from him, and being with her gives him pressure. Jinzhi realises that she and Xiaobao are in the same boat. Eric uses the intimate photographs he took with Ke’ai to blackmail her. Unafraid, she warns him that he stands to lose more than she does. He gives up, but warns that Shunshui will get into trouble. Yuye learns Zhenhui is upset, as Vivian’s condition has worsened. Zhihao senses that Jinzhi is avoiding him. He approached Xiaobao for help. Daming wants to throw a party to celebrate Jinzhi’s recovery. She suggests inviting Meiyou and Granny Egg. To her surprise, Meimei flies into a rage.

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