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118 - EP233

Some Sexual References

提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Dawei offers Shanshan good terms but makes it clear he wants her to keep him company for a night or the contract will be null and void. Infuriated, she gives him a slap. She would rather stay an unknown model than betray herself for fame. Liang turns up in time to stop Dawei from hitting her. Shanshan is unhappy with Liang for tailing her. When asked for his opinion, he asserts that even though he would have been disappointed if she had agreed to the deal, he would still love her just as much. Shanshan kisses him. One month passes. Jinzhi can be discharged, but she has not regained her memory. Meiyou and Meimei agree to take turns to take care of her. However, Meimei soon finds Jinzhi helping to sell eggs and flowers. Incensed, she lashes out at Meiyou. Jinzhi tells Meimei that it is she who wants to help out at the stall. Jinzhi taking Meiyou’s side upsets Meimei.

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