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118 - EP231


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Shunshui tells Keke he does not want to lose his family or Ke’ai. When asked how he feels about Ke’ai, he asserts that no one can take her place in his heart. Moved to see Shunshui crying, Ke’ai finally decides to accept his love. Keke is overjoyed. Shunshui and Ke’ai are grateful to her for not giving up on them. Shunshui urges the despondent Shunfeng not to give up hope of finding a life partner. He even quotes Forest Gump as encouragement. Limei calls out to Er-gu to come out for breakfast. There is no response, and Limei is anxious. She later realises Er-gu could not be bothered to respond to her. Jingui visits Uncle Chen and sets a wedding date for Xiaobao and Meizhen. Shanshan assumes Liang has not opened his stall because he is upset. She does not realise he cannot get out of bed because of his back injury.

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