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118 - EP230


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Meimei cannot understand how Daming can prepare dinner so happily. She accuses him of being indifferent about Jinzhi’s condition because she is not his biological daughter. Unable to tolerate the situation, Shunshui reveals that Daming had collapsed out of exhaustion and yet is still trying to keep the family together. Daming tells Meimei he does not mind that Jinzhi has acknowledged Meiyou as her father. He knows Jinzhi’s love for him will never change and she will forever be his daughter. Zhenhui becomes anxious when Vivian does not respond to his messages. Yuye tries to call her, but fails to get her too. Jiejie orders Tiancheng to learn the ropes from Jingui. Exasperated with Tiancheng, Jingui soon tells Jiejie to choose between them. Meizhen tells Jingui that Xiaobao is tiring himself out by keeping Jinzhi company at the hospital. Jingui promises to get Xiaobao to return home. Shunfeng learns Meizhen and Xiaobao are not dating. Shunshui knows he will never forgive himself if he betrays his family for money. However, he does not want to lose Ke’ai either.

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