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118 - EP229


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Shunshui rants at the out-of-love Shunfeng for lazing around aimlessly and snacking through the day. Liang and Shanshan try hard to console him, but Shunfeng remains despondent. Shunshui is surprised Daming is still in the mood to go to the market to buy food and prepare dinner. Daming asserts that they should try to lead their lives as usual, in order to get over the gloom. Zhenhui tells Vivian he has been promoted to manager and that he hopes to see her soon. Meiyou is happy Jinzhi acknowledges him as her father, but he is worried Daming and his family will be unhappy. He asks Zhihao to assure Daming and his family that he will never take Jinzhi away. Zhihao assures Meiyou that if he is determined to be a good person, everyone will accept him someday. Xiaobao and Meizhen turn up to visit Jinzhi. She recognises Xiaobao right away. Meizhen is unhappy when Zhihao asks Xiaobao to keep Jinzhi company and help her regain her memory. Keke urges Ke’ai to treasure Shunshui’s love for her, rather than live to regret not doing so.

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