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118 - EP228


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Steven is passing by. He assumes Meiyou has knocked Daming out. When Meiyou denies this, Steven suspects a stroke and quickly calls for an ambulance. Yuye bursts into tears when she learns Jinzhi has lost her memory. Ke’ai consoles her and buys ice for her to soothe her puffy eyes, as Yuye needs to continue with filming. Limei confirms she is pregnant. When Zhigao tells Er-gu, the latter is skeptical that the baby is Zhigao’s. Zhihao tries in vain to contact Daming, as Jinzhi wants to see her father. Ke’ai accompanies Yuye to the hospital. The Hongs are in such low spirits that she asks Shunshui whether he still wants to abandon his family. Keke tells Shunshui off when he rebuts. Shunshui learns Daming had collapsed out of over-exhaustion. Daming asks him not to inform Meimei. Everyone is shocked when Jinzhi calls Meiyou, “Dad”.

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