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118 - EP226


提供: Channel 8 发布: 06/04/2020 声道: Chinese

Limei is moved when Carrie offers to let Lucas sell her, so that they will have money. Lucas tells Limei he need not sell their daughter, as he has lots of money. He wants her to divorce Zhigao and be with him and Carrie. However, Limei is well aware that Lucas’ money was won at the gambling table, and he will lose is all soon. Lucas urges Limei to go onboard the gambling ship with him. Carrie calls her uncle secretly. When Zhigao learns Limei is going gambling with Lucas, he rushes to see her. Lucas casts Limei aside when she refuses to gamble. Limei tells Zhigao that initially, she had merely wanted to find someone to depend on, but his love for her has touched her heart. Thrilled, he asks her to return home with him. He has decided to regard Carrie as his own daughter. Jinzhi’s surgery ends and she finally comes round. Meimei and the others are overjoyed. Liang gets jealous when Shanshan entertains Dawei.

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