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Wonderful Nightmare 帅气的噩梦

Wonderful Nightmare 帅气的噩梦


发布: 30/05/2019 声道: Korean

Due to a clerical error in heaven, a lawyer who doesn’t believe in love dies in a car accident. To cover their mistake, she has to live as a housewife for a month for a chance to go back to her old life. 外貌、财力、能力兼备的单身女律师妍雨毕业于首尔大学法学系,前途无量。然而,因為天界人员的疏忽而提早了一个月死去。为了重生,她接受了天界人员的提议,必需作为另一个女人生活一个月,过上了从未想象过的平凡主妇生活……

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