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Seven Days

Seven Days


发布: 20/08/2014 声道: English

Seven Days is a light-hearted 90-minute telemovie about the hectic, life-turns-upside-down 7 days leading up to a wedding that entwines the lives of 3 couples – the bride and groom, the bride’s parents, the bridesmaid and the wedding photographer, exploring the true meaning of love and commitment and being driven crazy by the ones you love. Synopsis: Tim and May (Played by Seth Ang & Felicia Chin), in their early 30s, have been dating since Junior College. Bowing to parental pressure, they decide to do what comes naturally and apply for their HDB flat. As they go through all the motions of preparing for their wedding – taking corny wedding photos, dealing with the controlling mother-in-law from hell, getting fitted for a wedding dress by a bossy diva fashion designer, bearing the brunt of the preparations thanks to a workaholic fiancé, it slowly dawns on May that this isn’t quite the perfect wedding she had envisioned as a little girl... She never even got a romantic on bended knee proposal. In fact Tim’s proposal comprised a grunted, “Want to get HDB flat or not ? ” May wrestles with getting their priorities right and finally understand what making a commitment means and realize that marriage is more than just about the wedding. Richard and Sally (Played by Sylvester Loo & Anne Law), parents of May, have been married for 35 years. To their children, their marriage is staid, stable and even a little boring, caught up in the routine of life. But lately, Richard’s been taking a bit more of an interest in his look. It turns out that Richard has just been reunited with his first love Anita (Played by Julia Nickson) who’s back in town. Anita is ‘the one who got away’ and a glamorous, chic and a stark contrast to the more homely Sally. Ultimately 35 years of commitment and trust aren’t easily shaken and Sally and Richard learn that even marriages of 35 years could use a bit of a sizzle now and then... Helen, 33, confirmed Bachelorette (Played by Jaymee Ong), is a bridesmaid for the eighth time. She has no problems with her Bachelorette status, she just has problems with everybody else having problems with it. When she sees her friend May going through the madness of her wedding preparations, she counts herself very lucky to be single... until she gets a mysterious love letter which stirs up long-dormant and ruthlessly buried romantic notions. Will those romantic notions and hopes be dashed when she finally discovers that her secret admirer is wedding photographer Frank (Played by Nicholas Bloodworth) who is some five years her junior ? Or will she find the courage to brave her heart and seize the day ? The stories in Seven Days are about how - no matter what year it is, be it 1910, 1970 or 2010 - true and lasting love comes with risking and committing your heart and taking blind leaps of faith.

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