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Secret Reunion 义兄弟

Secret Reunion 义兄弟

Some Violence and Coarse Language

发布: 30/05/2019 声道: Korean

A NIS agent is discharged after failing to stop the murder of a North Korean dissident. Years later, he bumps into the North Korean spy who was involved in the mission and quickly forms a bond. 一名朝鲜的谍报人员負責刺杀叛逃人员,期间被韩国安全部门追捕,逃出生天後卻被认为有叛变之心而从此弃用。另一方面,因行动失败导致革职处分的追捕队长,只好开设侦探所。朝韩双方局势缓和后,兩人在越南偶遇,包藏禍心的兩人住在了同一屋檐下,随着了解加深,他们的想法渐渐发生改变……

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