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Edukkaadhey Kodu

Edukkaadhey Kodu


发布: 03/10/2019 声道: Tamil

This telemovie promises to be filled with comic relief with several twists and turns to entertain its audience on Deepavali. However, beyond its surface value, the film endorses its underlying themes of sharing one’s emotional and material wealth and to embrace the positive light in one’s life. Such themes are already prevalent in the spirit of Deepavali and this telemovie artfully and subtly reminds the audience of the joy in celebrating this colourful Festival of Lights. The Telemovie traces the madcap antics of two taxi drivers who try to protect their ill-earned fortune from each other and the rest of the world – after an unknown passenger leaves a bag of money inside their vehicle a week before Deepavali. Featuring a stellar cast and production team, this telemovie is set to sizzle and bring loads of laughter and fun to our Vasantham screens on Deepavali.

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