The Wonder Game

Play The Wonder Game and win attractive prizes.

Join us every Tuesday, 9pm on meWATCH.

The Wonder Game Terms and Conditions

Game mechanics:

  1. Participants must have an existing meConnect account to take part in the The Wonder Game, and may only enter the contests for The Wonder Game through meWATCH.

  2. The Wonder Game comprises of various contests, and participants may take part in each contest for The Wonder Game via the shopping catalogue which can be seen during/after livestream. Once the shopping catalogue has been opened, they may then open the contest item and participate in the contest.

  3. The format of each contest for The Wonder Game includes, but is not limited to the following:

3.1. Participant will need to submit a text according to a specified theme

3.2. Participant will need to submit an image according to a specified theme

3.3. Participant will need to submit a video according to a specified theme

3.4. Participant will need to take part in a poll according to a specified theme

  1. Participants will stand a chance to win attractive prizes upon taking part in the contest if they comply with the theme. Some themes will have a definite right/wrong answer, in which case the winners will only be selected from the ones who have answered correctly.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. These terms and conditions apply to all contests for The Wonder Game which are organised by Mediacorp Pte. Ltd.

  2. By participating in the contests, participants agree to be bound by and to comply with these terms and conditions and any other mechanics, rules, terms or conditions applicable to the contests, as specified by Mediacorp from time to time. Non-compliance with or breach of any of these terms and conditions may disqualify a participant at any stage of the contests, and any won may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn or reclaimed.

  3. Eligibility

a. The Wonder Game is only open to Singapore citizens, permanent residents and holders of valid employment passes or work permits, residing in Singapore. Participants below 18 years old shall be required to obtain the consent of his/her parent or legal guardian.

b. The following persons are not eligible to participate in the Contest: employees of all companies in the Mediacorp group of companies (“Mediacorp Group”) and immediate family members of such employee(s). Participants may be required to sign a written statement confirming their eligibility and submit such supporting document before being eligible to receive any prizes.

  1. Contest Entry and Submissions

a. To participate in the contests, participants will be required to own a meCONNECT account, and sign in with their meCONNECT credentials in order to submit their answers.

b. All entries must be submitted within the designated contest periods.

c. Mediacorp may, at its sole and absolute discretion and without notice to participants, reject or disqualify any entry that:

i. contains words or images that are harmful, or words or images of a lewd, violent and/or malicious nature;

ii. infringes or potentially infringes any intellectual property or other third party rights;

iii. contains potentially harmful content, including unauthorised computer programmes or viruses;

iv. violates or potentially violates any applicable laws or regulations;

v. must be removed pursuant to any laws, regulations, government advisories or orders; or

vi. Mediacorp considers to be inappropriate and/or unsuitable for submission to the contests in its sole discretion.

  1. By submitting an entry and as a condition to participating in the contests, each participant represents and warrants to Mediacorp that:

(a) he/she is the sole owner of all intellectual property rights (including copyright) and other proprietary rights in the entries submitted, and that the entries do not infringe upon or violate any third party rights including without limitation, copyright, the right of privacy or publicity, nor constitute defamation against, nor violate any common law rights or any other rights of any person, firm or corporation;

(b) he/she grants Mediacorp a perpetual royalty-free and transferable right to use, reproduce, publish, display, print, edit or distribute the entries (or any part thereof) on all mediums and platforms worldwide; and

(c) he/she shall indemnify and keep Mediacorp and its related/affiliated companies, officers, agents and employees (the “Indemnified Parties”) fully indemnified against any and all loss, damage, claims and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered and/or incurred by any of the Indemnified Parties as a result of his/her breach of any of these terms and conditions.

  1. By taking part in The Wonder Game, participants consent to the use of their personal data by Mediacorp and the Mediacorp group of companies (collectively “Mediacorp”) for the purpose of Mediacorp conducting and promoting the contest. Participants also consent to the sending of marketing and advertising materials in relation to goods and services of Mediacorp and its business partners, and for research and analysis.

  2. Employees of Mediacorp and their immediate family, sponsoring companies and their agencies are not eligible to enter.

  3. If a participant or anyone in his immediate family has taken part in and won any contests under The Wonder Game in the preceding 30 days (inclusive of the date of winning), the participant and his immediate family is not allowed to participate in any contests by The Wonder Game until after the 30-day period has lapsed.

Prize Redemption

  1. Winners will be notified by phone/mail on details regarding prize redemption within 10 working days from the livestream.

  2. Winners shall, upon request, provide their original Identity Card or the originals of other supporting documents/materials to the organisers for verification purposes.

  3. All winners must claim their prizes by the stipulated deadline, failing which the prizes will be forfeited and Mediacorp shall have the right to deal with such prizes in its sole and absolute discretion.

  4. Winners must, upon request, provide Mediacorp and its sponsoring partners with all information necessary to facilitate the redemption of their prize.

  5. Each participant acknowledges and agrees that the receipt and redemption of any prizes offered shall be subject to the winner complying with terms and conditions imposed by Mediacorp. In the event that the winner of any prize, for any reason, fails to comply with such terms and conditions, any prizes won may be forfeited, withdrawn or reclaimed without any compensation.

  6. Mediacorp reserves the right to substitute a prize for another of a similar value.

  7. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

  8. Mediacorp shall not be liable for any losses, damages, injury, death or any other claims arising from participation in the contests and/or any prize. Except to the extent that they may not be excluded by law, no representations, warranties, terms or conditions that are not expressly stated in these terms and conditions apply to the contests nor in respect of the prizes and all implied warranties are excluded, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any of the prizes.

Other Terms

  1. Each participant represents and warrants that all information provided for the contests are accurate, true and not misleading. Any misrepresentation could result in disqualification and/or the forfeiture, withholding, withdrawal or reclaiming of any prizes won.

  2. Unless otherwise stated by Mediacorp, each participant shall be responsible for his/her own expenses incurred by him/her during or in connection with the contests and no reimbursement may be sought from Mediacorp.

  3. Mediacorp reserves the right, without any liability on its part whatsoever, to cancel, postpone, terminate, suspend, end, stop or in any other way cease any of the contests at any time without prior notice.

  4. Mediacorp's decision at all stages of the contests (including without limitation the selection and number of judges) is final. No enquiries, appeals, verbal or written, shall be entertained. The participants shall accept and abide by any and all decisions made by Mediacorp concerning, without limitation, these terms and conditions, the rules, procedures and regulations of the contests, the award of prizes and any other matters relating to the contests.

  5. Participants’ personal data may be collected, used, disclosed and/or processed by Mediacorp and the Mediacorp group of companies (collectively “Mediacorp”) for the following purposes:

5.1. For verification and record of the participant’s personal particulars including comparing it with information from other sources and using the information to communicate with the participant.

5.2. For research and analysis, including surveys and polls.

5.3. For publicity and marketing.

5.4. To send the participant notices, information, promotions and updates including marketing and advertising materials in relation to Mediacorp’s goods and services and those of third party organizations selected by Mediacorp.

5.5. To comply with any request from any third party or any order of court or directive from authorities investigating any alleged offence or misconduct or for the purposes of taking legal action against the participant.

5.6. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, participants:

(a) consent to Mediacorp collecting, using, disclosing and/or processing their personal data for the purposes as described; and

(b) consent to Mediacorp transferring their personal data out of Singapore to Mediacorp’s third party service providers or agents for the purposes as described above.

  1. Participants agree that Mediacorp may use the names and images of the participants, including the photographs or audio-video or other recordings of the participants (“Materials”), for promotion of the contests across all media, including without limitation in Mediacorp’s properties, without further notification, remuneration or compensation; and the copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to all Materials shall vest solely and absolutely in Mediacorp.

  2. By participating in a contest, each participant agrees to take part in any promotional or publicity exercise as may be conducted by Mediacorp in connection with the contests and each participant hereby irrevocably and unconditionally grants Mediacorp all consents and waivers necessary for Mediacorp to record and use the participant’s performance(s) and appearance(s) in any manner as Mediacorp shall in its sole discretion deem fit. Each participant acknowledges that Mediacorp shall be at liberty to publish and otherwise use any recordings made by Mediacorp, including without limitation telephone recordings, audio recordings, video recordings and photographs (if any), for promotional and publicity purposes or any other purposes as Mediacorp deems appropriate (whether now or in the future). Mediacorp reserves the right to disqualify any participants in the event that the participant refuses or fails to participate in such publicity for the contests.

  3. Participants shall not, without the prior written approval of Mediacorp, speak to the press or any other media nor give any interviews or comments relating to the contests.

  4. Each participant shall indemnify and keep Mediacorp and its related/affiliated companies, officers, agents and employees (the “Indemnified Parties”) fully indemnified against any and all loss, damage, claims and costs (including legal costs on a full indemnity basis) suffered and/or incurred by any of the Indemnified Parties as a result of the participant's breach of any of these terms and conditions.

  5. Mediacorp may at any time freely assign any or all of its rights, benefits and interest and/or transfer any of its obligations or liabilities arising out of these terms and conditions to any party without notice to or consent from the participants.

  6. Mediacorp reserves the right to amend or vary any of these terms and conditions without prior notice to any participant.

  7. These terms and conditions and the contests shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore. Any disputes in relation to these terms and conditions and/or the contests shall be referred to the courts of Singapore.