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Star Awards 2022: The most celebrated annual event in Singapore

The highly anticipated Star Awards 2022 is set to take place on 24 April 2022! Themed "When the stars align, dreams come true", the upcoming Star Awards 2022 creates a galaxy of lights and glitter where tributes will be paid to stars and heroes behind the scenes. The COVID-19 pandemic is still challenging the world but with new technology and increased platforms, we aim to deliver a stellar show to our audiences. Star Awards 2022 promises to once again enthrall and bring a bigger celebration to honour Singapore’s content and artistes!


万众瞩目的《红星大奖2022》将在2022年4月24日隆重举行! 星光荟聚,筑梦视界~ 来临的《红星大奖2022》将打造星光璀璨的宇宙空间,与众红星和幕后群英共襄盛举。过去一年,疫情带来了种种挑战,新传媒却巧妙地利用了媒体科技,为观众继续呈现精彩绝伦的作品。一年一度的《红星大奖2022》也将不负众望,以最新科技为观众带来本地前所未见的视觉飨宴。