Project Premiere is a slate of pilot shows that use the latest in technology to bring the stories to life. The technology used in the following shows include computer-generated imagery, augmented reality, interactivity and many more!

Audio: Malay & English | Rated: NC16 | Genre: Drama

Cast: Aisyah Aziz, Jason Godfrey, Zoheb, Fir Rahman, Sonia Chew, Xenia Tan, Sani Hussin

Bellatrix Rise is a dual story track series set against the backdrop of a zombie apocalypse in Singapore. The first track revolves around beauty influencer Nadiah who found out that her son, Kyle, was trapped in his school and she has to beat the zombies to get him. The second track revolves around an online journalist Steven who is interviewing a scientist who might have a clue as to what causes the zombie outbreak.

Will Nadiah and her ex-husband Steven reach the school in time to save their son before the zombies get him?

The story will be told in Vertical Format (in a combination of “phone screen reality” and live action), from multiple perspectives and adopts the “phone screen reality” approach in filmmaking.

Audio: Tamil | Rated: PG | Genre: Drama

Cast: Prakash Arasu, Prasad Wadarajan, James Durairaj, Haziqah

Velusamy learns the ropes of being a Sepoy in a small trading port. The atmosphere is tensed in the Malay Kampong due to the mistrust between the Malay chief and the British administrators. Ah Tong and his criminal empire hatch a plan to kill a sepoy. The ambush brings Lestari and Velusamy together teasing a romantic narrative against the backdrop of 19th Century Singapore.

Audio: Tamil | Rated: PG | Genre: Drama

Cast: Stephen Zechariah, Sharon Roosevelt, Puravalan, Saravanan Ayyavoo

Amartyan will feature 4-5 minutes of minimalist line art graphic animations that will depict some scenes in the flashback era of Amaran, dating 1045 AD. Characters will be sketched in likeness to the cast and the scenes will play out with a voiceover, sound effects, music and accompanying text elements that mimic a graphic novel. These animations will be interspersed with live action scenes. The screen will also be partitioned in panels where necessary to visually look like a graphic novel. The interplay of text and illustrations in a comic-strip format to tell a portion of a story will be a first attempt on a Vasantham series.

Audio: English | Rated: PG13 | Genre: Drama

Cast: Lim Yu Beng, Hana Motokura, Shi An, Jitenram, Shane Mardjuki, Lina Ng

Initially said to be harmless, a comet inadvertently strikes Singapore causing unprecedented destruction to the country. On his way with a young passenger, a transport-hailing driver, gets trapped in his car under the building rubble. Running out of time to save his own life, he must find a way out for himself and his passenger before it is too late…

Sephia uses a combination of miniature modelling and special effects, to give a very “tangible” feel to how a post apocalyptic Singapore would look like.

Audio: Chinese | Rated: PG13 | Genre: Drama

Cast: James Seah, Ferlyn Wong, Johnny Ng, Benzo, Tay Ying, Glenn Yong, Tang Shao Wei, Leon Lee

After over 900 years serving in Hell’s Courts, Justice Bao and his team visit the mortal realm on a mission. Working together with a mercenary female psychic Jia Tian Yu, they must put right a miscarriage of justice from 1,000 years ago, while solving new supernatural mysteries - all within 49 days.

To encounter spirits in their full horror glory and gain first-hand clues to the mystery that Justice Bao and team is solving, download Justice Boo: Spirit Hunter app via App Store or Google Play BEFORE you watch!

Audio: English | Rated: G | Genre: Kids Drama

Cast: Tasha Lim, Anjli Mohindra, Rasmus Hardiker, Rae Lim

Sam’s best friend Vika creates a high-tech ice cream machine, along with a social-media account. Her ‘likes’ are racking up, and she soon becomes obsessed. When the ice-cream machine breaks and floods the school, Sam travels into Cyberspace to fix it - but learns that an equally like-obsessed Pistachio dictator is hooking Vika on ‘likes’ for his own nefarious plan. He must be stopped.

The vision was to create a new look for this animation that emulated the new trend in contemporary North European animations that mixes elements of traditional hand drawn 2D animation with 3D computer graphics.

Audio: Chinese | Rated: PG13 | Genre: Drama

Cast: Benjamin Tan, Chantalle Ng, Richie Koh, Fang Rong, Brandon Wong, Rayson Tan, Jarrell Huang, Jared Soh, Seamus Chng, Silver Ang

Victor the top student has died. The school is shocked by the news but Shi Ting, a troubled loner, becomes the only one who can see his spirit. She soon finds out that Victor is just a hologram that exists in her AR glasses.

Why did Victor die? What will Shi Ting’s fate be? Check out the four possible storylines, which will bring you a step towards uncovering the truth.

Audio: English | Rated: PG13 | Genre: Drama

Cast: Vanessa Vanderstraaten, Alan Wan, Jamil Schulze, Valnice Nek, Daniel Jenkins, Siti Khalijah

Amara, a museum procurement specialist for the Temasek Museum of History seeks ancient historical artefacts with the help of her assistants Jade and Peter. But there is one historical mystery she has not been able to solve: how and why is she immortal? Meanwhile, sinister elements in the shadows plot to destroy her once and for all before she uncovers a secret that could change our understanding of the nature of humanity forever.

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