The Uninvited


Jung-won who has the ability to see ghosts meets a mysterious woman named Yun, a narcoleptic who often faints. Once she meets Jung-won, she begins to reveal her innermost self. Yun tells Jung-won about her ability to see spirits, and he talks to her about his supernatural encounters. Much to his surprise, Yun ends up drawing him into even greater, unimaginable horrors. 一名有嗜睡症的女孩锦云在一次昏迷清醒后发现自己拥有了阴阳眼,能看到所有的鬼魂。一天遇到了室内设计师正元,他告诉锦云他完全没有了七岁以前的记忆,但总是在重复同样一场梦,锦云帮助正元剖析那场梦境。

Additional Information

The Uninvited
Duration122 mins
Disturbing Scenes