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Zoom New Zealand

Zoom New Zealand - EP8

24 Min

By Suria Published: 28 Oct 2015 Audio: Malay

Backpacking around New Zealand, filled with epic scenery, unique cultural experiences and amazing outdoor activities everywhere will be an eye opener. Fadhlur and Syarif are to go behind the wheels on a road trip where they will drive from one point to the next destination and they make new friends along the way. Getting closer to nature will make this season different, where camping in the wild and hunting for food source will be a challenge for them in order to understand how the aborigines live. With their own “Video Diary”, a daily record of happenings and thoughts will be included in the program. These logs play a role in many aspects of their knowledge and experience, including historical, cultural, and social lifestyle records or even become a place to express one's deepest emotions as time-off from the other partner. Not forgetting, their interviews will also be inserted to further develop their emotions and story about their experience in the country. Quirky and interesting facts will appear as info slates which will be appealing to home audience. In order to receive instructions and for them to send their mission replies, tablets and social networking sites will be used in order to obtain the budget to the next destination.

Zoom New Zealand
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