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Yours Sincerely, Mr Yim

Yours Sincerely, Mr Yim - EP1

45 Min

By meWATCH Published: 30 Aug 2015 Audio: English

YOURS Sincerely Mr Yim is a film about an ailing Singaporean photographer trying to finish his final creative project: a photography book on Singapore and his final gift to the Lion City. Mr Yim is a rare breed. Having left his Law profession to follow a career in the arts he is a 'Pioneer's pioneer'. We follow Mr Yim on an inspiring journey to the places that he will include in his final book, Yours. Through his lens we discover Singapore in transition and a man's passion to find a meaning to his life. How will Mr Yim's failing health impact completing the book on time ? How will he overcome the burden of production to shoot his most personal work to date ? We see Mr Yim at odds with this futuristic city nation and his somewhat unorthodox approachto photography and getting the job done. Mr Yim goes all out to produce a work that will transcend him and leave a legacy to his home, and his life. This last book is his final love letter and parting gift to Singapore. YOURS Sincerely, M

Yours Sincerely, Mr Yim
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