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Young Forever 中国梦之声:我们的歌

Young Forever 中国梦之声:我们的歌

Ep 2 (Part 2)
21 Min

By meWATCH Published: 05 Nov 2019 Audio: Chinese

"Young Forever" is a new music variety where established singers such as Hacken Lee, Fei Yu Qing, Email Chou, Na Ying will pair with the new generation of singers like Ayunga, Zhou Shen, Xiao Zhan etc to perform a re-arranged song in their own style. "中国梦之声:我们的歌"启用了全新节目模式,旨在让榜样歌手与新声歌手联手同台竞演,两代歌手在不知对方身份情况下合唱同一首歌,“听歌识人”完成互选,并再组队竞演、在对抗赛中不断挑战音乐进阶,共赴巅峰对决。出席新生代歌手包括阿云嘎,周深, 肖战等. 榜样歌手则有李克勤,任贤齐,费玉清,周华健,那英等。

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