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You Deserve A Break 梦想假期

You Deserve A Break 梦想假期

Ah Yang
22 Min

By Channel U Published: 23 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

Going on a holiday overseas is a dream come true for some people. There are some individuals for which even a short break is out of the question, owing to responsibilities of 24/7 work commitments or simply just not having enough budget money. In this series, deserving Singaporeans nominated secretly by their closest friends, colleagues and family members will get to go for a holiday. And the best part about it ? They don't find out about the vacation destination until it's almost time to depart ! 出国度假对一些人来说是梦寐以求的事。职责所在、需要24小时坚守岗位、不够经费,每天从早到晚忙碌于工作的人想度假更是难上加难。《梦想假期》收到公众秘密提名,主持人温淑安将在每一集带一位不惜劳苦的工作人士到国外度假并帮助他们完成心中的梦想度过一个惊喜难忘的梦想假期。最好玩的是度假基地将保密直到出发前一刻才会公布!

You Deserve A Break 梦想假期
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