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You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使

You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使 - EP9

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 08 Jan 2015 Audio: Chinese

Ma Ji appoints his daughter Ah Ping as his legal guardian, on condition that if his treatment costs exceed $5000, she will halt all treatment. He has a sudden cardiac arrest, and must go for an emergency bypass surgery. Ah Ping is put into a dilemma as the costs will exceed $5000. 马吉指定女儿阿萍为自己的决策人,但要阿萍答应他,一旦治疗费用超过5千元,就不要让他接受治疗,因为他不想连累阿萍。马吉突然心脏病发作,必须动心脏绕道手术,费用超过5千元,阿萍不知如何做决定。

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