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You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使

You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使 - EP5

45 Min
Some Sexual References

By Channel 8 Published: 02 Jan 2015 Audio: Chinese

Heart-warming serial about the lives and motivation behind the nurses, as they balance their passion for their job with their personal lives. 佑乐和若君久别重逢,开心叙旧。佑乐表示自己是因为若君才当护士的,感激若君当初救了她。若君见佑乐擦伤,帮她敷药。家梓内疚害佑乐跌倒,买了猪肠粉赔给她,佑乐却将猪肠粉转让给病人吴天豪吃。不料天豪突然食物过敏引致休克!

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