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You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使

You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使 - EP3

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 31 Dec 2014 Audio: Chinese

Its Xin Nis birthday and Ruo Jun rally the other nurses to give her a surprise party. Yao Zong is tasked to bring her to the pantry, but Xin Ni sees through his lies and does not attend. Yao Zong entertains the disappointed group by asking them to celebrate his birthday instead. 馨霓生日,若君及众同事想帮她庆祝,给她惊喜。耀宗说谎要骗馨霓去休息室,却被馨霓识破。众人失望之余,耀宗灵机一动,竟说当天是自己的生日,要大家改而帮他庆生,免得浪费了蛋糕,众人只好帮他唱生日歌。

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