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You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使

You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使 - EP10

46 Min
Some Sexual References

By Channel 8 Published: 09 Jan 2015 Audio: Chinese

Mei Yins medical report shows a shift in her lumbar. If she does not go for surgery, she risk paralysis and severe incontinence in the future. However the surgery remains risky. Ruo Jun and Ruo En bear the news with a heavy heart, but decide to let Mei Yin decide if she wants the surgery. 美英的检查报告出炉,显示她腰椎盘骨移位,如果不动手术,将来可能导致瘫痪以及大小便失禁,动手术也有一定的风险。若君姐妹俩心情沉重,决定由美英自己决定是否要动手术。

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