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You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3

You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3 - EP5

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 02 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Yuan Bin's ex-girlfriend Eve suffers from kidney failure but there is no way to treat her and she can only return home to nurse. Yuan Bin is heavy-hearted and regrets neglecting Eve when they were dating because of work. Si Yan was impressed by Yuan Bin's deep affection. Si Yan and Yao Yang go to patient's house to provide treatment and it turns out that the patient is Yao Yang's father, Xia Ming Zhong, whom he has not seen in years. Both of them are astounded to see each other. 袁斌前女友Eve肾衰竭,治疗无效,回家护理。袁斌心情沉重,后悔在交往时因忙于工作,忽略了Eve。思彦赞赏袁斌的深情。思彦与耀阳一起到病患家做护理,没想到病患竟是耀阳多年不见的父亲夏明忠,两人见面不禁愕然!

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