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You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3

You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3 - EP15

45 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 16 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Yu Tian, Yao Yang and Ming Zhong reunion as a family. Yu Tian advises Yao Yang to forgive himself and stop blaming himself for the death of Ah Hui. Yao Yang was curious about how Yu Tian knows about Ah Hui's incident at first, and then he realized Yuan Bin is the one who told Yu Tian what happened in the past. Yao Yang has identified that Yuan Bin is the nurse who helped him a long time ago and he finally has a chance to thank him personally. 雨恬、耀阳和明忠一家团聚,雨恬劝耀阳,既然能原谅爸爸,也要原谅自己,别再为阿辉的死而自责。耀阳奇怪雨恬知道阿辉的事,恍然是袁斌告诉她的。其实耀阳早就认出袁斌就是当年帮他的护士,事隔多年,他终于有机会当面向袁斌道谢。

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