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You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3

You Can Be An Angel S3 你也可以是天使3 - EP14

45 Min
Some Violence 些许暴力画面

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Nov 2018 Audio: Chinese

Pang Da did something illegal and implicated Yao Yang. Yao Yang loses his temper and left when Si Yan blamed him for leading Pang Da astray. The way Si Yan blames Yao Yang makes him recalled the death of Ah Hui and how Ah Hui's mother blame him, this makes him feels genuinely guilty. Si Yan then knows the reason of Yao Yang's anger. 胖达做非法的事,连累耀阳。思彦责怪是耀阳将胖达带坏的,耀阳听了突然情绪发作,拂袖而去。耀阳想起阿辉的惨死以及辉母对他的埋怨,痛苦不堪。当年辉母也是如此怪责耀阳,令他自责不已。思彦这才知道耀阳大发脾气的原因。

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