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YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房

YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房 - EP5

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 28 Sep 2020 Audio: Chinese

Yifong's beloved heartthrob Elvin Ng is here ! She also invites the person who watches her and Eleanor mature over the years - her manager Ada. No local variety shows has ever seen a celebrity's manager come as a guest. What relationship do they share ? Realising how the guests can hardly cook, Eleanor decides to whip up something against Elvin. Can this bunch really enjoy a sumptuous dinner today ? 世纪无敌美男子黄俊雄来做客了!除了怡凤心目中的男神,嘉宾名单当然少不了看着怡凤和妹妹成长的经纪人Ada!综艺节目邀请经纪人担任嘉宾,史无前例!艺人和经纪人到底是什么关系?妹妹对此有话说。碰上两位不会做饭的客人,妹妹决定也来试一试下厨跟俊雄PK!厨房内挤着一班不会做饭的人,今天还能吃上一顿丰盛晚餐吗?

YiFong & Eleanor's Kitchen 怡凤和妹妹的厨房
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