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World Food 吃。东西

World Food 吃。东西 - EP9

44 Min

By Channel U Published: 28 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Curry powder is a mixture of grinded spices and known as curry when cooked. Curry dishes from around the world are ever-changing, creating an irresistible and captivating taste from the spices. This episode, Guo Liang, Axian and Pornsak introduce curry from different regions of the East and West. 将香料研磨成粉再混合,即为咖喱粉,用它来烹煮的食物就叫做咖喱。世界各地的咖喱料理千变万化,把香料杂糅成教人无以抗拒的撩人滋味。这一集的节目,郭亮,阿贤和Pornsak会为我们介绍东西方各地区的咖喱。

World Food 吃。东西
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