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World Food 吃。东西

World Food 吃。东西 - EP6

46 Min

By Channel U Published: 07 Feb 2019 Audio: Chinese

Why do people from the East eat tofu but the people from the West do not ? Cheese is only loved by Eurasian, Han people in the past did not eat cheese ? This episode, Guo Liang, Axian and Pornsak discuss on the history, production and ways of eating various cheese from the west and tofu from the east. 这集的节目主题是乳酪和豆腐。为什么东方人吃豆腐,而西方人没有吃豆腐的习惯?乳酪只有欧亚人喜欢,以往的汉人不吃乳酪?郭亮,阿贤和Pornsak会为我们介绍不同种类的西方乳酪和东方豆腐的历史,制作和吃法。

World Food 吃。东西
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