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Workman Diaries 我的打拚日记

Workman Diaries 我的打拚日记 - EP18

Guangzhou Part 3
15 Min

By meWATCH Published: 29 Sep 2018 Audio: Chinese

Guangzhou is one of the earliest Chinese cities migrant workers flocked in to realise their dreams from rags to riches. A skyscraper cleaner risks his life daily on the job to make living. Running a garment factory used to be the dream of factory workers, but factory bosses now struggle to recurit workers and to stay afloat. And for a young punk rock singer, his mantra in life is working hard and playing hard by spending it all. Discover the lost and new dreams of the workers in the city. 蜘蛛人攀爬高楼看广州天天变新变繁荣,却感叹底下的车子房子都不是自己的。成衣厂老板发现时代改变,再努力也不再金钱滚滚来。年轻摇滚主唱勇做‘月光族’,一路叩碰闯荡。看机遇之都广州圆了哪些、又灭了哪些梦。

Workman Diaries 我的打拚日记
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