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Workers S1

Workers S1 - EP6

58 Min
Coarse Language

By HBO Published: 07 Jun 2020 Audio: Taiwanese;Chinese

Ming-qi suffers a stroke and is paralysed. Forced to depend on his wife and son for his every need, Ming-qi is no longer his optimistic and naïve self. It is revealed that Ming-qi’s dream of becoming rich was to provide a good life for his wife and son - a dream that is no longer possible. Ming-qi then makes a fateful decision for his family. 阿祈突然中风身体瘫痪了,不得不依靠妻儿满足他的一切需求,因此失去原本的乐观与单纯的自我。赚大钱让妻儿过着更好生活的梦想也变得遥不可及,为了家人,他做出一个重大的决定。

Workers S1
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