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Workers S1

Workers S1 - EP1

45 Min
Coarse Language

By HBO Published: 10 May 2020 Audio: Taiwanese;Chinese

A sudden typhoon causes an accident at a construction site and injures Xian Zi, one of the workers. Ming-qi, Quan and Chang go to a temple to pray for Xian Zi’s speedy recovery and notice a lot of people donating money, giving them the bizarre idea of building a temple too. But first, the friends need a large holy statue for their new temple. Enter a friendly Thai businessman who promises them a genuine holy statue for an upfront payment. What could possibly go wrong with this deal ? 台风突然侵袭造成一起工地意外,工人蚬仔因此受伤。阿祈、阿全和昌仔去庙里祈求神明让蚬仔早日康复之时,注意到捐钱的信徒很多。三人突发奇想也打算建造一座庙。但首先,他们得为这座新庙找到一个巨大的神像。一名泰国商人承诺只要先付头期款,就提供他们一座真正的神像。这笔交易还能出什么差错呢?

Workers S1
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