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Who Did It? 谁是凶手?

Who Did It? 谁是凶手? - EP1

11 Min

By meWATCH Published: 26 Jun 2020 Audio: Chinese

IT technician Liu Zhiqiang goes missing, and three “suspects” are brought in for interrogation. They include gangster Xiong-ge, model Kaley, and a housewife Ah-Zhen. The three suspects seem to have no obvious motive, but could one of them be the perpetrator ? 电脑维修员刘志强失踪,三个“嫌犯”被软禁问话,包括流氓雄哥,模特儿Kaley,家庭主妇阿贞嫂。三人各自向负责的“李Sir”陈述与志强认识的经过,无人有明显的动机,但都有嫌疑,凶手是不是三人当中的一个?

Who Did It? 谁是凶手?
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