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While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始

While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始 - EP20

46 Min

By Channel 8 Published: 15 Jul 2019 Audio: Chinese

Zi Jun is kidnapped and the loanshark wants Sen Mei to handover the evidence in exchange to Zi Jun's release. Sen Mei decides to handover the evidence but Zi Jun is unwilling to lose the evidence that will prove Sen Mei's innocence. As the situation gets chaotic while they try to escape, Man Rong gets injured. After the operation, Man Rong pretends that her leg is disabled and requests Sen Mei to give up Zi Jun to her. Will Sen Mei agrees to the request ? Will she eventually reconciles with Zi Ju. 子骏被绑架,大耳窿要森美拿犯罪证据来交换。森美决定交出证据,但子骏不甘失去能证明森美清白的证据,乘机抢夺,过程中曼蓉被刺受伤。手术后,曼蓉假装脚伤不能行走,要森美将子骏让给她。森美是否会答应?她和子骏能否复合?

While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始
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