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What's For Lunch? 午餐吃什么?

What's For Lunch? 午餐吃什么? - EP4

Darren Lim;Evelyn Tan;Tosh;Joshua;Maxi
45 Min

By meWATCH Published: 16 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

What's for lunch ? Celebrity couple Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan meets up with the hosts at People's Park Hawker Centre in Chinatown. Darren shares his love for Hainan noodles here. Just what is it about this dish that he is such a big fan of ? What other dishes are Darren and Evelyn recommending ? And what are couple busy with these days ? Next up, we meet the 3 hunks, Tosh, Joshua and Maxi at their favourite Japanese restaurant in Bugis ! Don’t miss their special recommendations on the Japanese cuisine here, and stay tuned as they share on their current projects and plans. Don’t miss this week’s episode of “What’s For Lunch ? ” ! “午餐吃什么?”模范夫妻林明伦和陈毓芸带大家来到了牛车水的珍珠坊熟食中心,这里有明伦推荐的海南抱罗粉,到底是什么味道让明伦想推荐给大家?还有什么必吃的美食呢?夫妻俩最近又在忙什么呢? 下半场有三位电影型男Tosh、Joshua和Maxi推荐位于武吉士的日本餐馆。他们爱吃什么日本料理呢?有哪些食物是必点的?三位男嘉宾目前有什么计划呢?节目精彩,不要错过!

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