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What's For Lunch? 午餐吃什么?

What's For Lunch? 午餐吃什么? - EP2

Mark Lee, Marcus Chin, Dennis Chew, Chen Bi Yu, Shane Pow, Kimberly Wang, Jeremy Chan
45 Min

By meWATCH Published: 02 Oct 2019 Audio: Chinese

The DJs from Love 972 popular morning show – Biyu, Marcus Chin, Mark Lee and Dennis Chew are here ! They are taking the hosts to Whampoa Food Centre, a lunch place that they frequent with fond memories. Check out their favourite dishes- fishball noodles, minced meat noodles, lor mee and fried carrot cake, and find out what other tasty dishes will this energetic group recommend on this week’s episode of “What's For Lunch ? ” For the second half of the programme, Shane Pow and Kimberly Wang, along with Jeremy Chan are going to a hotpot restaurant ! What makes them recommend this hotpot place for lunch ? Watch to find out as they also shares stories on their relationships ! LOVE 972 DJ《早安!玉建煌崇》莅临第二集的“午餐吃什么?” 黄埔熟食中心有哪些美食让他们四人念念不忘!节目中都将一一揭晓。节目的下半场,甜蜜情侣包勋评和王智荟与田铭耀的午餐吃什么呢?原来他们喜欢午餐吃火锅呢!边吃边聊更多情侣和夫妻间的小故事,敬请期待!

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