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Water Fairy Turns the Tide 水仙女转乾坤

Water Fairy Turns the Tide 水仙女转乾坤 - EP10

23 Min

By meWATCH Published: 27 Aug 2020 Audio: Hokkien

“Traditional Story of Taiwan” uses theater and drama to act out local customs and folklore. Other than the cautionary tales they tell, the series has searched for local legends and anecdotes from all over Taiwan; recording Taiwan’s local customs and culture, blending them, as well as festivals, proverbs, faith, and jobs, into their theatrical scripts—a different way of passing on Taiwan’s local culture. 最后是土地公相助让秀云保有处身。天佑总算找到秀云,明义却趁机杀金木,更舍命阻挡,好让天佑与秀云逃走,但二人仍被逼得投湖…水仙用尽功力,沸腾湖水,恶惩虹姨等恶徒,却因此被打回原形…这时山神衔命来扭转乾坤,但一切因水仙而起,只能受罚从头开始!时间回到天佑带着秀云逃回却遭包围。幸有阿好力挡,又有村长领人相救,将虹姨等人绳之以法。柑仔亦带回明义没死更没杀人的好消息。明义因之前替杏花楼姑娘艳娘解围,也令她救回一命,进而结下好姻缘。另外柑仔也有意要娶明玉…一年后,土地公欣慰阿好领天佑等三对爱侣来上香,同时誓言就算再过千年,也要陪着水仙重新修练成仙!

Water Fairy Turns the Tide 水仙女转乾坤
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